Buildings – Overview

Map of Buildings Used by the BC Security Commission, 1942


NNM 1994.69.3.1

Proposed uses for each building and capacity are written onto the map. The building use sometimes changed. For example, building K is shown as empty, but later became the men’s dormitory. Building H was initially used by the men, then later by women.


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BUILDING A - Livestock Building built in 1929, with an addition in 1939

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BUILDING D – Church Dining Hall no longer standing


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BUILDING F – Rollerland sometimes called the Women’s Building or Pure Foods – built in 1931

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BUILDING G – Manufacturer’s Building sometimes called Showmart – no longer standing


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BUILDING H sometimes called the Foods building – no longer standing

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BUILDING K – Forum built 1931 – used as a hockey rink before the war


CVA 1123-1 Photo by Stuart Thompson

Aerial view of Hastings Park, 1919  Southeast view of the park, showing the racetrack, the roller coaster, the Industrial Building (L-shaped building north of roller coaster), the Exhibition Building, and the Transportation Building (top right corner). The larger road running down the right-hand side is Renfrew Street. The larger (white) building to the left of the Transportation Building was the Stock Judging or Horse Show Pavilion.


CVA 180-1468

Aerial view of Hastings Park, 1947 Looking Northeast. Many of the buildings used in 1942 are still visible in this photograph.


CVA 180-5233

Aerial view of Hastings Park, 1963 Looking east. The Showmart, Food, Forum and Garden Buildings are clearly marked with rooftop signage.